Story is an upcoming action/adventure/RPG that is set in the land of Askaya. The hero is sent by the intrepid “Harbingers” to shape events and mold the future for good, based on their readings of dice that are rolled.

The Stories

The key feature of Story is that each mission (called a “Story”) is based on the interpretation of a set of “story dice.” Story dice are standard 6 sided dice that have a variety of pictures on them instead of the standard number of dots. So, the roll of the dice could result in a huge variety of results, and even those results can be interpreted different ways. For example, a die with a picture of a flower could be interpreted as:

  • the setting for the story is a flower-filled meadow
  • the hero must find a rare and magical flower
  • the villain in the story might engage in conversation with the hero if the hero has a specific type of flower in their inventory (which may lead to a very different way of accomplishing the story)
  • the target of the story may be hidden behind a door engraved with a flower

The interpretation of the story dice is central to how each story could play out, but players have a lot of choice in how they approach completing the story. Using the example of the flower above, perhaps the story quest is to rid a village of a nearby witch that has been terrorizing the village, but the player notices that one of the story dice is a flower. The player can take a variety of ways to approach the problem:

  • The hero attacks the witch head on with weapons and magic to defeat the witch. Certainly a solution, but perhaps the witch is very powerful and defeats the player.
  • The hero finds a rare flower on the way to the witch’s camp and when approaching the witch, the witch sees the flower and begins a conversation. The hero learns that a villager stole a magical artifact from the witch and the witch only wants to get it back. The hero agrees to return the artifact, and then must steal the artifact from the villager (without getting caught). Once the artifact is return, the witch leaves the area and the hero has successfully accomplished the story.
  • The hero approaches the witch with the flower, and agrees to steal the artifact. However, instead of returning the artifact, the player attacks the witch, keeping the artifact for themselves, thus earning a double reward.

Every story generated can be played in a variety of ways. And so we generate keys that can be saved (favorited) for specific stories, so that players can replay a story and take a different approach. Additionally, these keys can be shared with friends!

We have created a complex, data-driven AI system that can interpret each picture on the dice in a number of ways, resulting in an almost infinite variety of stories (we’re not even finished yet and the numbers right now are in the quadrillions). We want your story to be YOUR story, not the same story that someone is playing.


When playing each Story that is generated, the hero will be able to engage in a variety of different manners of combat, including:

  • Melee with swords, axes, maces, etc. (both one handed and 2 handed)
  • Ranged with bows, including a variety of arrow types
  • Magic with 4 different schools of magic (Elemental, Light, Shadow and Transmagic)

In addition, there are dozens of different enchantments that can be found on weapons and armor that provide extra offensive and defensive abilities.


The land and people of Askaya play a large role in how the Hero goes about their business. There are three unique nations, each vying for their place in the world and interacting with each other with specific goals and motivations.

The nation of Ajuna occupies the heartland of what was the “Greater Ajuna Empire” a thousand years in the past. The Ajuns see themselves as rightful heir to this legacy and are trying to rebuild the consolidated empire mostly through diplomatic and economic means.

To the south of Ajuna are the tribal lands of the nomadic Vash. While there are large settlements of Vash, the majority live in the desert and wildlands as nomads and shepherds. They commonly practice wild and elemental magic, which is seen as a threat by the Ajuns and Vash.

To the northwest of Ajuna lies the Chish kingdom, a violent, nationalist empire that is bent on conquering the Ajuns and enslaving the Vash, who they see as a lesser race. The Chish worship the skeletal remains of a great dragon that was slain by the Ajuns at the fall of the empire 1000 years in the past.

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