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Eyes of the Night

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Eyes of the Night is a spooky little game about collecting treasure while staying alive in the forest at night as enemies try to track you down!

Eyes of the Night features multiple play modes (standard, Deathrun and Stealth) and a range of difficulty options.

Eyes of the Night was released on Steam on September 29, 2021. It is available now for $2.99.


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Story is an upcoming action / adventure / RGP game game that focuses on procedurally creating unique stories based on an the interpretation of “story dice” that are rolled before each story is played.

Story takes places in the beautiful, mysterious and dangerous land of Askaya where three factions hold an uneasy, and often broken, peace. The player is sent by the mystical Harbingers to try to stabilize the land and right wrongs, based on their ability to see some of the possible ways that the future can unfold through casting lots (dice).

The player must accomplish certain goals, but HOW they accomplish the goals can vary widely, as conversation and investigation are often more effective than direct combat. When violence is the only path forward, the hero is more than capable in melee, ranged and magical combat.

Story is scheduled for Early Access release on June 1, 2022, on Steam for Windows computers.