Dev Update 12-17-21

The last couple of weeks have been crazy.

I pushed out an update to Eyes of the Night that added VR. Hundreds of hours of coding, testing, and tweaking.

And so far, since we pushed the VR update, I’ve sold two copies. For $4.99 each. Steam gets their 30%, so I’ve made about $7. Since we released Eyes, I haven’t made $100 yet.

Here’s to hoping that Christmas will bring customers.

It’s like throwing a party and no one comes. Except it’s 60 hour work weeks for months on end. It feels hopeless sometimes. But I still believe that we have a good game in Eyes of the Night (especially in VR) and at $5 it’s a good value. But the market is so crowded, it’s tough to be seen. It’s tough to get noticed.

Aside from Eyes, I’ve been hard at work on Story. AI for bosses. Polishing the quest gen system and working on level design. I’ve also been working on trailer stuff…creating a scripting system to get NPCs to do certain things on command for the sole purpose of creating a really awesome trailer. Doing it all in-engine with game assets. Writing voiceover scripts and working to get VOs recorded. I’m starting early on the marketing side of things with Story…I don’t want to just dump it into the ocean of games out there without a few months of marketing / hype generation like I did with Eyes of the Night. Maybe that will make a difference.

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