Dev Update 12/3/21

So…here’s the first dev update…I’m hoping to do this weekly to give you an update of what’s going on and where we’re at. The past two weeks have been pretty crazy since we moved and we’ve been busy with that and unpacking and everything. But I’ve made progress on both Eyes of the Night and Story.

Eyes of the Night v.1.3

I’m hard at work on the v1.3 update for Eyes of the Night. The roadmap has v1.3 releasing on December 8 and right now, if I had to guess, one of two things will happen:

  • We delay v1.3 for a week or two to include the pre-planned Christmas update and the VR update
  • We release v1.3 on time with the Christmas update and then push the VR update to v1.4 (which would then kick the January update to be v1.5).

The VR update is taking a little longer than I expected to work out the kinks in the controls…I’m having to rewrite a lot of the input system to support the VR controllers and it’s actually when NOT in VR that the controls are the issue. Unity doesn’t make it super easy to switch back and forth between VR mode and not VR mode. But the good news is that once I finish the rewrite, we’ll have full controller support too, instead only mouse and keyboard.

I’ll know by the end of the weekend which approach I’ll take, but I’m leaning towards the first option (delaying the entire v1.3 update until VR is ready).


While a lot of my time has been spent on Eyes of the Night, I have jumped into Story to work on some stuff (my mind needs a break now and then). In the past few weeks, I’ve mostly been working on boss abilities and the combat AI systems to integrate the boss abilities.

The ability system is pretty self contained and the AI system is capable of picking up new abilities as I create them. The bosses can determine when to use an ability to max effect and I’ve actually had to tone down some of the abilities because the way the bosses were combining different abilities was pretty devastating. For example, there is an ability called “chain pull” where the boss hits you (at range) with a chain hook and pulls you close (after being pulled, you’re movement is slowed for a few seconds). They would combine this with other abilities that do damage around them (such as “Acid Throw” that creates pools of acid that damage you while you’re in it). Individually, these abilities didn’t overwhelm the player with damage, but combined, it was just brutal. And the combination wasn’t something that I planned, the bosses just did it because their AI determined it was a good thing to do.

Getting eaten alive by acid after being chain pulled into the middle of the acid by a boss that is a little too smart.

The first time it happened, I thought, “Hey, that’s unlucky, but kinda cool.” But then it happened again. And again.

Aside from boss work, I’m also adding more weapon varieties into the game, working on some of the level design (especially dungeons), and trying to clean up some bugs in the main menu/user interface.

Tempest – A spinning, lightning attack that does damage in a wide area around the boss.

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