The (back)Story – The Ajuns

On the continent of Askaya, there are three main nations: the Ajuns, the Chish and the Vash, all remnants of a once great empire that dominated all of Askaya.

The “Alba (Greater) Ajuna” empire fell 1000 years ago, but in the heartlands of the Askaya today lies the Kindgom of Ajuna. Led by King Mindra, the Ajun people see themselves as the direct descendants and heirs to the empire of Alba Ajuna, though they possess only a fraction of the land. While Ajuna today does have a moderately powerful military (though weaker than the Chish), they are mostly pursuing economic and cultural means to try to reform the Empire.

The people of Ajuna are generally industrious, and though they may seem welcoming to outsiders, it is often with the view of how they can make a profit from those interactions. The Ajuns hold skeptical views of the Vash and while they welcome Vash traders, they usually work to take advantage of the perilous state of the Vash people.

The Vash and the Chish are essentially at war, as the Chish actively displace and enslave the Vash. The official position of the Ajuns is one of neutrality in this conflict, though they recognize the dangers of the Chish growing too strong and work in the shadows to sabotage and weaken the Chish position. The Ajun people are vocally very much against the enslavement of the Vash, but they rarely take any concrete steps to stop or even slow the slave trade.

Geographically, Ajuna is situated right between the Chish and Vash and thus often becomes caught up in the conflict as an unwilling host to Chish slavers or Vash warbands striking back against the Chish “Dragonwarriors.” To this end, there is a secret group of Ajun and Vash agents known as the “Draconic Crusade” led by Prince Vreeto (7th in line to the crown) that seek to actively defeat the Chish. The Draconic Crusade claims to be acting with righteous fury to stop the enslavement of the Vash, but most Ajuns see that Prince Vreeto’s true goal is to consolidate his own power base by expanding the Kingdom of Ajuna.

In it’s history, the Ajun people have many legendary figures, both heroes and villains. The infamous Emperor Akdam Kaseri was the last emperor of the Alba Ajuna empire and is blamed by most Ajuns today for the fall of the empire. Conversely, Veche Kavic founded the core beliefs of Ajun light magic 800 years ago and is revered by most all of Ajuna (legend is that Veche still lives, secluded in the foothills to focus on his magic).